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"The moniker “In Hoodies” hides under it smoldering rage, noncompliance, destructive energy required to dispose of what’s not working and a constant search for a peaceful place, where one can be free from society’s exhausting expectations. The music comes from the mind of a gentle soul, both a wordsmith and a creator of melodies. The mellow and whispery songs go hand in hand with anthem-like stompers. The intricate, multilayered body of work on debut album "A Lunar Manoeuvre" comes alive as a fire breathing monster in live shows with a five piece band. Stripped down duo or trio performances in smaller venues allow for a more intimate, fragile yet powerful experience. Constantly working on new material, In Hoodies has a lot more to offer both sonically and lyrically.”


Artemis Günebakanlı (Radio Eksen, Manyetik Bant)



“You can HEAR that ambition and passion come through: the music is consciously nuanced and catchy; the lyrics both outreaching and introverted; the production values seamless and completely befitting- keep your eyes and ears peeled, folks!  It is the imagery/sense of mystery that compels me: those sketches/artwork (on the official website); the cards-close-to-his-chest enigma; the music alone- you have to fill some gaps, but have a great time doing it; come to your own conclusions.”  (9.3 / 10.0)


Music Musings And Such


In Hoodies


Murat Kılıkçıer, born in Bursa / Turkey, records and performs under the name "In Hoodies".

Debut full length "A Lunar Manoeuvre” was released in Turkey on CD and ranked as one of the best albums of 2016 by many music blogs, writers and newspapers.


After Turkey release, "A Lunar Manoeuvre” LP was released in UK in February 2017 by Curious Fox Records (UK) via Rough Trade.

The album is produced by Brit Award (Best Producer) winner Chris Potter, whose work includes albums by The Rolling Stones, U2, Paul McCartney, Blur, Richard Ashcroft, and The Verve. Recorded at The Shed, Sugar Cane and Kore Studios in London. Ian Cooper, Stuart Hawkes and Andy Baldwin, both Grammy winners, mastered the album.


Credits for the album include following musicians; Si Connelly, Tim Wills (best known with his works with Ian Brown and also worked with Nick Cave, The Cure, James and Seal) Steve Sidelnyk (who also worked with The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Annie Lennox, REM, The Verve, Richard Ashcroft, Primal Scream, Massive Attack and PJ Harvey), Martyn Campbell (From The Lightning Seeds, Rain and also worked with Miles Kane and Richard Ashcroft), Damon Minchella (from Ocean Colour Scene, also worked with The Who, Paul Weller and Richard Ashcroft), Mike Sidell and Ben Trigg. 


A remix/reworks album called “Straight From The Medulla” was released in 2017 by Partapart Records. The album features remixes by Chris Potter and Turkish electronic music producers such as  such as Da Poet, Astrofella, Z-Axis, VIIA, Mind Shifter, Ethnique Punch, Gabriel EA Clark, SUHA, OEMR and Crinoid.


Two exhibitions about the album “A Lunar Manoeuvre”, called "Chronicles*" and "Chronicles* (Extended)", were held at Salon IKSV and ZOR, including near 100 pieces of artworks by 50 different artists.  Photographer Artemis Günebakanlı created a booklet called "STILLS", featuring photos for each track on the album.


In March 2018, 4 track EP "Circling The Cage" was released by Tantana Records. Recorded at Vibes Istanbul Studios. Credits for the album include following musicians; Yasemin Ozler, Feryin Kaya, Todd Gibson, Memet Incili and Murat Yakupoglu.

"Coo Coo" was released as a single by Epic Istanbul / Sony Music Turkey in June 2018.  The song was released via specially designed paper bags which contain a QR code to the song and a link to all visual works related to the song by different artists. The works include Phénakistiscope and Thaumatrope models designed by Ufuk Barıs Mutlu, Deniz Derbent, Erdem Kahraman & In Hoodies;  t-shirts and bags made from recycled materials by reflect; chokers by The North Fox; pins; the comic-zine “Fatum” written and illustrated by In Hoodies and Eren Akdede respectively; videos, illustrations and photographs by Murat Güzelgün, Ucman Balaban, Mertcan Mertbilek, Yasemin Yasu, Baran Kurtoglu, Selin Çınar, Mert Tugen, Dilara Özden, Kübra Demir, Can Daglı, Derin Çiler, Olgun Kasıkcı, Ekmel Ayar, Sinan Kutluay, Nazan Aydın and Ogün Akgül. Remixes by Tim Wills, Iskeletor and VIIA followed the single.

Second LP “Recalibrated Expectations” released in March 2019 by GRGDN / Xgergedan Records. The album features Yasemin Özler, Feryin Kaya, Todd Gibson, Berke Can Özcan, Tunç Çakır, Berkan Tilavel, Burak Irmak, Si Connelly and Mahmut Albulak. String arrangements and programming is done by Tim Wills. The album is mixed by Chris Potter. Mastering is done at Metropolis Mastering, by John Davis.

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